Protect Your Child, Protect Your Student: Cyberbullying on YouTube

Check out NetSmartz. YouTube.  The second largest search engine in the world, owned by the largest search engine in the world.  The power of this media channel cannot be overstated.  Want to learn how to clean a carburetor?  eHow has a great video, at  Want to learn how to take care of a zebra?  … Continue reading

DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT CYBER BULLYING MEANS? This is a great link.  I have no idea why I can’t upload it right now.  Copy and paste, make it happen.  When I can, this will be a real link.  Sorry. SOSAC. Friends, A simple note introducing you to our core.  This is a wonderful introductory site to definitions, why, where, and who … Continue reading

Southern Oregon Students Against Cyberbullying Remember Ryan Halligan

Ryan Halligan was born in 1989.  Thirteen short years later, Ryan took his own life after relentless bullying.  According to his father, the problems began in fifth grade.  The pressure increased through the end of his life, when Ryan decided unfortunately it was too much and took his own, at such a young age.  Ryan’s … Continue reading

Cyberbullying–How Far Can This Go? Wake Up.

What a horrible story.  And Ryan’s father is officially our hero.  The strength to stand in front of room after room of kids and profess this beautiful message of hope when so much hope was stolen from him.  Details to follow, we just felt we had to share this video.

President and First Lady Speak Out Against Bullying

Last month, President Obama and First Lady Obama held a summit meeting exposing and discussing the all-too-silent threat of bullying in the United States.  The summit marks the first in United States history concerning bullying.  In their press release, the First Family discussed the dangers of growing up, and the expanded dangers of doing so … Continue reading