Using Social Media to Fight Back Against Cyberbullying

This is a unique story, written just this morning on The Harrison Patch.  Facebook was recently used to post and spread so-called ‘smut lists.’  The lists included young girls from several schools in the White Plains, NY area.  Now, a group of students are creating a completely new art form by producing a play, complete with audience interaction, entirely on facebook.

The new play combines the newest of social media with a presentation hundreds of years old, Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.”  The play will be ‘acted’ out by players commenting on others’ walls, creating friendships, and posting video to add depth to the story.

The plot of “Much Ado About Nothing” involves one character trying to embarrass another throughout the play.  This classic tale provides a perfect backdrop exposing cyberbullying through the use of social media.

To watch the play unfold, follow The Ophelia Project on facebook.


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